It’s a keeper recipe: Healthy Chicken Salad

Pinterest can save you or sink you. Out of the hundreds of projects and recipes I’ve tried from Pinterest, most have been on the spectrum of success and a few have been complete disasters. I know everyone loves a good Pinterest fail, but this one is a Pinterest success!

I have been thinking of using plain low fat Greek yogurt to sub sour cream or mayo (which I rarely use anyways) and this recipe was a perfect opportunity to give it a whirl. A quick trip to Trader Joes afforded me mostly organic, delicious ingredients to mix this up for lunch. I grabbed a pack of the Trader Joes ‘just chicken’ precooked chicken breasts to save time. I make sure to use things like raw not roasted almonds and organic fruits and veggies…it’s too easy to amp up the healthy curb appeal of this dish. I followed the recipe pretty much as is, but when it comes to fruits and veggies, I just eyeball measurements…intuition is my favorite measuring cup.

I encourage you to give this Healthy Chicken Salad a try, it’s healthy, quick and delicious!



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